About Tech and Sports

About Tech and Sports

Welcome to Tech and Sports a cool new site where you can find information on
the coexisting relationship of technology within sports. To give you
a more technical idea of the site’s purpose, we will focus more on
the incorporation and advancement of technology in the professional
level of sports. Though one of the main focuses of the site is
technology within professional sport, it is not held to that one
area. Newer technologies and/or talk of the current sporting events
can also be areas of discussion. In most cases I will have my
personal views on a topic because I’m also learning in the process of
finding information.

My Story

When I think back 5 years ago, it’s crazy to think how much professional
sports have changed. For example in the NFL, I remember when the
organization was just incorporating Windows tablets to be used for
coaches, players, and officials on the sideline. At the time I didn’t
feel there was any use for them because I was use to the coaches
drawing out plays and understood that teams go over plays and schemes
throughout the week prior to the game. Many coaches at the time
continued coaching without the Windows Surfaces. But now when I watch
a game I can see Windows Surfaces being used on both team’s
sidelines. That’s just one example which shows how technology had
made a quick change in professional sports.

I have always loved sports and technology so it feels natural to take
time out and get an in depth look into the different ways technology
has grown within sports. I’ve played Sports all throughout my life
from the backyard of my parents house to the competitive level. Also
computer technology plays a key role in my life, so much that it
became the very field which I studied in college. Just in case you
were curious, my major in college was Computer Science.

I have also began to see how video game competitions are beginning to
grow in popularity by the quantity of competitions being viewed on
television. Just within this past year I’ve seen a wide variety of
genres from first person shooters, fighters, sports, etc. The term
E-Sports is what I’ve heard to be the name for this young developing
profession. Though I know these type of competitions have been
existent for many decades, it has been gaining so much popularity
that ESPN began to cover a variety of their major competitions.

When I think about it, I’m baffled by how far technology has come within
professional sports and how great of an effect it has had on it in
such a short amount of time. But it just goes to show you how important technology is for sports
and also our daily lives.

Why I want to help people?

Have you ever done a research paper and were bored by the way an
informative text dragged on? Well that’s one of the reasons I’ve
created this website. Many times in my college career I was
aggravated when reading text that made simple information more
complicated than it needed to be. So that’s why I want to give you
information that is quick, reliable, and hopefully good for you to
read. Just to let you know, I’m not telling you to use this site for
researching purposes.

This website is not just used for information but it’s also a place where
you may be able to find some cool sites where you can buy an
assortment of items. In certain cases I may even write a piece on the
site, giving a personal opinion of how I feel about it. Hopefully
you’ll find a unique site that has sporting good or tech you were
looking for, or didn’t know existed.

What are my goals?

1. To have an audience to talk to. 🙂

2. To have a site with information that is accurate and keeps my
audience engaged and wanting to read more.

3. For my writings to have terminology (words) that is easy for my
audience to understand.

4. To give my audience trustworthy sites they may not see on a daily

5. To have more goals in the future.


Thank you so much for taking time out to read my first official article. I
hope you come back sometime in the future to see what’s new at Tech
and Sports.


All the best,

Mr. T. Sports

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