Amazon Prime Day is here!!!

Amazon Prime Day is here!!!

If you are reading this post, then you are ready to enjoy the discounts and benefits coming to Prime Users on Amazon’s Prime Day! There are many deals you may be able to find in the period of 1 day and a half, and you have the convenience of finding and purchasing it at the place you desire ( all you need is a computer device and internet access). I’d like to lead you to some of the perks you can take advantage of as prime day is on the move. Then feel free to check out all that Amazon has in store for their Prime Users.


First of All, Prime Day is for Prime
Member!!! Can’t Say it Enough 😉

Just so you understand, Prime Day is a point in time where Amazon make deals and discounts on tons of products for their “Prime Users”. So if you are not a Prime member as of now, you can sign-up and enjoy a 30 day free trial by clicking on the banner below.


College Students! Check for Big Deals
on Textbooks This Prime Day

Hey Students, being a college graduate, I understand how cumulative products needed for college classes (for each semester) can be. So why not try out Amazon’s “Prime Student” deal, where college students have the benefit of Prime members, while only paying


Free Games From Twitch!

Twitch has also gotten into the giving spirit, as they are giving their twitch prime members access to some free games to play. If you are a frequent gamer, then you should check out what game Twitch has for you to enjoy.


Lower Prices on Amazon Devices

Prime members can browse their way through a variety of Amazon Devices that are on sale for the Prime Day session. Just as a heads up,  there was no image for this link,  so you’ll have to settle for a normal text link, Hopefully it is not too unappealing for you 🙂 .

link : Amazon Devices Deals


It’s Reading Time (If you want to!)

If you have a love for reading, then you will have a hay day with Amazon’s unlimited reading on your Kindle device. And the best part is that you can get three months of unlimited reading for just $0.99. With over a million books and thousands with audio narration, you’ll be able to put those three month to good use.  ( Reminder : You will need a kindle fire to be able to use the “unlimited reading”)


Get your groceries delivered to your home

If you are with a region that has access to Amazon Pantry, then you have the ability to get the groceries you want delivered to the destination you desire. You will also have the opportunity to check out the many discounted items that are in effect during the Prime Day event. So if you don’t have the time to get to a supermarket, just sit down on your chair, turn on your computer, and order the products you need on Prime Pantry. (Again, some regions may not be accessible by Amazon Pantry at this point in time.)

12 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Day is here!!!

  1. Hey Keith,

    Great article and I’m not a big Amazon shopper since I travel a lot I’m always find myself shopping as I travel.

    I do understand Amazon kindle, student discounts, and groceries. But the other mention Amazon devices what are they, and what are the discounts that you get?

    I think this will be a great reminder for those who purchase Amazon deals.


    1. Hey Carl,

      The Amazon devices are a selection of electronics, from tablets, cell phones, echoes, etc. And the discounts vary depending on the device you are buying (e.g. 50%, 40%, 30%, 25%).

  2. bella72

    Hi, thanks for your post. Wanted to ask if the 0.99 deal is for new members only or anyone at all. Thanks

    1. Hi Bella, if you already have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, then you are not eligible for that deal. I hope this was helpful.

  3. Hey there, I’m not a prime member but I reckon I’ll have to give it a go given the deals you’ve listed.

    1. That’s cool man! yeah, might as well give it a try, because the first month is free (and you’ll have the benefits that come with it).

  4. I love Amazon Prime and would feel lost without it! We buy everything we can off Amazon. You can’t beat the prices, the quick free shipping, and the wide selection of everything you could possibly need. They have come a long way since just being a book seller.

    1. So true! I tend to think about how far they’ve come and they continue to grow at a fast pace. I remember when I use to buy my college textbooks from them when they were only a book distributing company and now I can hardly find a person who doesn’t know about Amazon.

  5. Amazon is such a great place to shop and I am loving this article as it will let people know how great it really is so thank you for sharing

    1. No problem Vicki, thank you for taking time out to read.

  6. I am so new to Amazon but will be checking out what ‘Prime day’ is all about. I have never heard of Prime day through Amazon until I stumbled across your article.
    I’m from Australia, would that matter??
    Anyways, Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hey Patty! No, being in Australia should not matter. You should be able to enjoy the discounts available for Prime members.

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