Are You Ready For Football!!!

Are You Ready For Football!!!

As everyday passes, it gets closer and closer to the beginning of the NFL regular season! NFL players are developing their skills and building up their bodies, coaches are modifying their play-books to meet what they require, as for many other things that go into preparing for the season, and it all starts to come together as players, coaches and the organization reunite at training camp, where the team ( players, coaches, organization, fans) begins to sync with each other to be at their best for the coming season. It is only a matter of time till the kickoff of the first week of the NFL: season, which means people are preparing to make their decisions on which available players to pick for the upcoming Fantasy Football Draft, and the start of fans debating with one another on why their team is better this year and how effective their team will be this season.



I am usually the one who wants the preseason to end quickly ( due to the lack of pro players, and excitement), but with the influx of potentially high talent draft picks, It will be pretty fun seeing if the newcomers are able to live up to the hype the media has been giving them.


Rookies of interest (for me)


Saquon Barkley


Barkley to me is one of the few players drafted this year that will be an instant improvement to his team (which is the New York Giants if you were unsure). He is a multi talented running back with exceptional quickness and athletic abilities, while also having the qualities necessary to be a contributor on the receiving end. What makes me excited to watch Barkley play on the NFL football field, is the hard work he puts into the gym, if people were impressed watching him workout in college, with all the advanced equipment available to the NFL, their is no telling how he will improve as he progresses through his career.


Baker Mayfield


The number one overall draft pick and Heisman trophy winner Baker Mayfield has continued to get better and better from his freshman year of college to his time of being drafted, but his real journey begins once his cleats touches the NFL field.

I feel through the media’s influence, people have been selling Baker short on their views of him as a quarterback, they would always talk about all the qualities that they feel make him unfit to be a NLF quarterback, like he’s too short, or their is video evidence of him being tackled by the police after an altercation, and he grabbed himself in an inappropriate area and used foul language to taunt his losing opponents on a nationally televised college football game, he’s not good for football!!!

Yet they fail to realize that their have been multiple players his size who have had great success in the NFL at the quarterback position, he has since apologized for his actions shown on the police dash cam video, and the inappropriate gesture he made that wasn’t meant for the cameras in the first place, (and if you watched the whole game, you would have seen that Baker Mayfield was trying to be respectful at the beginning of the game, and shake the opponents hand, but they looked at him like he was crazy, and also knocked him over unnecessarily throughout the game, causing Baker’s to come out of character.) I honestly feel he will develop well in the NFL, and has the potential to be an elite quarterback in the future.


Sam Darnold


Darnold is still viewed by many as being the best quarterback prospect for the NFL 2018 draft, but being the 3rd overall draft pick is not bad either. As we have seen throughout the history of the NFL it does not matter where you are drafted (or if you are drafted) if you put in the extra work, and have the qualities needed to play the position, it will show in your performance on the football field ( Tom Brady was drafted 199 overall in the 2000 draft, and is now known to be the greatest quarterback of all time and will be playing this coming season!!! ).

So Darnold can only be as good as he pushes himself to be, and you know what, I have a feeling he is ready to put in the work needed to be at the top of his game.


Lamar Jackson


Jackson expressed during his drafting interview in the 2018 draft, that he was ready to prove to the NFL teams who passed on him that they have made a big mistake and if he is able to develop his passing ability within the pocket, those teams will definitely second guess their decision. The first thing you will realize from the former Heisman Trophy winner when you see him playing the QB position is that he is fast, agile, athletic, and has a good arm that can potentially become better.


Josh Rosen


Along with being a high-pospect quarterback Rosen has also been categorized by the media of being what I would consider a “critical thinker” and their is nothing wrong with that as long as you know when to do so. Basically what I am saying is at the professional level, every aspect of the game is going to be many times faster than what the newcomers are used to (especially quarterbacks), so in the NFL, when he’s put in a critical situation in a regular season game, will he overthink the situation and become a detriment to his team or trust in his skills and deployment through training in the NFL team practice sessions.

Whether it will be a problem for Rosen will be answered as we watch him progress through the early parts of his NFL career.


Bradley Chubb


I have spent so much of my time on the offensive talent, but now it is time to talk about a defensive talent I am excited to see. Bradley Chubb became a standout to me after seeing him rolling around in fun after being pushed by an opposing player (basically a flop), it showed how much fun he has when he plays the game of football and that truly is a great quality to have because it shows how much he loves playing the sport, and when you love playing a sport, you’re willing to push yourself to be the best you can be. And in my opinion, Chubb was drafted to the perfect team that can transform him into a great defensive linebacker in the NFL.

Chubb will be able to learn from Von Miller and Derek Wolfe of the Broncos, two of the more explosive players on the defensive side of the ball, so it will really be great experience seeing how Chubb and the broncos power house defense mesh together in the 2018 season.


Shaquem Griffin


Griffin is yet another player on the defensive end that I am excited to watch develop in the NFL. His story alone is enough to make you want to root for him. But the best part about him is that he executes so well on the defensive end that his play on the field removes your (or at least my) mind from the fact of him only having one hand.

Shaquem Griffin is a perfect example of what you are able to achieve when set your mind on doing something, with hard work, persistence, and the support of the people you love, their really is no limit to how far you are able to go in the world. And now he will be growing as a defensive player alongside his twin brother Shaquill Griffin of the Seattle Seahawks.


Others to keep an eye on


Jared Allen


If you have the time, please leave me some feedback on the young draft players you feel have had the most impact on their during the preseason. I will give you a comment back as soon as I can :-).

8 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Football!!!

  1. Like everyone else, we are so excited for the football season to begin! We normally have a pool at work to make it more fun! Thanks for this exciting article! Will surely get back in here for more thrilling football articles!

    1. Thanks Kris! I’m glad that the Season starts in less the a week!!!

  2. Nicole

    Hi, thanks for the post. I’m looking forward to football weather. I’m not the biggest football fan but football is always on in my house. Your post has given me some players to watch and made me interested in how well they do as well especially since you are focusing on their work ethic.

    1. Yeah Nicole, I love seeing how high-prospect players progress from college to NFL rookie, and NFL rookie to NFL veteran ( I also like watching low draft picks and undrafted players become elite players in the NFL, outshining many of the draftees who were picked over them.).

  3. Vicki

    Really great article and very informative- I love the pics, as well as I, get to know each player as I am reading – so cool

    1. Thank you Vicki, I’m glad this post was of help to you.

  4. Hi, very informative article. Really looking forward to the start of the NFL season. As always hoping for better things from my team (Dolphins) but not overly confident of a return to the glory days! Like you I am looking forward to seeing what Saquon Barkley achieves, he looks to have enormous potential, and could even be the *star man* for the coming season.

    1. Yeah Jo, I am waiting for the New York Giants’ first game against the Jaguars, to see how well Barkley performs. If it’s anywhere close to what I’m imagining, it will be pretty impressive.

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