Hyperwear – Free Yourself from The Limitations of Traditional Weights

Have you ever got to the final reps of a multi-set exercise and your hands and arms begin to buckle, which startles you for a couple seconds because you realized the metal weights could have collided with you? What if you’re at your house lifting and the weight slips out your hand, making a dent in your floor? Or maybe you are just tired of the way traditional weights limit your movements. Well have no fear Hyperwear is here!!! Hyperwear has created an assortment of free weight training products that are not just versatile in workouts, but also safer and less destructive than the average metal weights. Every aspect of Hyperwear’s products are made to give their consumers the least amount of limitations in their exercises so they can develop in all areas of their workout.




The Design of Hyperwear free weights


                     (Both left and right image are property of Hyperwear)

Unlike the traditional weight’s structure which consists of heavy solid materials, Hyperwear’s weights are soft flexible fabric filled with either sand or steel balls. This gives users the ability to maneuver with the weight as they see fit, and don’t worry about dropping it because they are meant to withstand pressure and it’s soft exterior prevents it from causing damage to floors. So if you want to slam or throw it to work on boosting your explosive movements, have at it, it is built to take it. Both the sand and steel bell free weights will help to develop the muscles you target and increase your gripping strength because of the unstable movements of the pellets inside the Hyperwear free weights. Whether running, jogging, climbing, hiking, or training, with Hyperwear workout tools you will have more control over the weights movements.


Free weights are not your only option!


(Right image is property of Hyperwear)


Hyperwear has a variety of training products to improve you workouts. Like their softbells, which is a safer and less destructive version of dumbbells. They Also have a soft barbell and kettle bell that will help broaden the workout regiment you are willing to commit to. The softbell weights are structured in the shape of a doughnut (Has a designed hole in the middle), so the weights are able to fit properly on the outer parts of the Hyperwear plastic bell handles, and from there you can twist the sandbell bolts in until it is tight and secure.


 Hyper Vest Pro (left) and Hyper Vest Elite (right) (Photos property of Hyperwear)


The Hyperwear weighted vest is another workout tool you can use to further accelerate your workout capabilities. They guarantee the fit of their vest to be like none other you have ever worn, and their “Hyper Vest Pro” was named gear of the year by “Men’s Health” in 2017. Hyperwear weighted vests are constructed with comfortable fabric and open side panels with side lacings, for ventilation and to lower restrictions to the body. The vest also comes preloaded with a set amount of highly dense steel weights that are a quarter of an inch thick and are fully adjustable (The amount of weights loaded in the vest depends on whether you are buying the “Pro” or “Elite” vest, you can check the description of the item to see the exact measure of pounds within each vest). Additional steel weights are 2.25 ounces and every pocket of the vest can hold up to 2 weights per pocket and each weight can be rearranged to even out the distribution of weight (If you have any questions on how to fill the weighted vest’s pockets, after you click on the Hyperwear “Pro” or “Elite” vest item picture, under the “Details” paragraph you should see the words “Instructional Video” highlighted, click on the highlighted words and you will be directed to their YouTube video that shows you how to properly fill the vest with their designed steel weights). Questioning whether they have your size, no worries, Hyperwear has a “size chart” which shows the right size for your height and weight.

Not sure where to start in your workout, no worries Hyperwear has training videos!!!

If you have acquired some Hyperwear merchandise, but are wondering what exercise best suit the products you own, Hyperwear has a variety of training videos that’ll assist you on your journey. There are a set number of training videos for every category of workout tools (Sandrope, Hypervest, Sandbell, Steelbell, Softbell, Fit Ruck). This is a good place to start so you can become better accustom to the maneuverings of the sand and steel weights, and then you will be able to build your own workout and create newer exercises to develop the areas of the body you desire.

Check and see if any Hyperwear Affiliated Gyms are near you

Hyperwear has partnered with multiple fitness organizations that have found their products to be worth every penny. If you want to check out the organizations they partnered with, click on the studio tab, then scroll down until you see the “Our Partners” header and you’ll be able to find out if any of the organizations have a gym around your location. This would be a good alternative if you prefer to try out the Hyperwear fitness tools before you decide to buy one or if you don’t have the wages to order one of their products at this point in time.


Whether you are an athlete trying to develop your skills for the season, an individual training for an upcoming crossfit competition, or just for the sake of wanting to exercise to become a better version of yourself, Hyperwear has the workout tools that can build both your traditional muscles and areas of the body traditional weights are less effective at building. The sand and steel bell free weights are an excitingly challenging new way to lift weights and gives you the ability to move it in ways far greater than any traditional weight. And if you still would like to have the traditional feel of lifting, Hyperwear has sand bell sets that can be constructed into the style of traditional weights. Any other products not mentioned can be found on the Hyperwear website.

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8 thoughts on “Hyperwear – Free Yourself from The Limitations of Traditional Weights

  1. Darren

    What an interesting idea this Hyperwear is. I hadn’t come across this before, so I’m intrigued. I really like the idea of the vests for doing workouts with added weight. Like the product states, you can get a workout with less restrictions. Great for running and more aerobic type exercises for added resistance.

    Does all this come as a kit? The vests, training videos, soft dumbbells?

    1. Mr T. Sports

      Hey Darren, 

      No the vest, training videos, and soft dumbbells are sold separately from each other. But if you were thinking of buying soft dumbbells, instead of buying a set you could make a custom package, so that you are able to get the exact set of weights you wanted. All you have to do is, first  move you mouse to the “Shop” tab at the top of their website, click on the phrase “Commercial Solutions”, scroll down until you see the phrase “Group Packages”, click on the picture with the dumbbells on it, from there you can build your own custom softbell set.

       I Hope this was helpful. 🙂

  2. Oh, I am familiar with the vest. My son did competitive gymnastics for 13 years, and we know all about the vest 🙂 These are very popular with gymnasts for conditioning. I like the idea of having these at home. This is great information. The vest is spendy, but I don’t see us using that. The weights are super reasonable! Yep, I do believe we will order some!

    1. Mr T. Sports

      Hey MattsMom,

      It’s good to hear you know about the Hyperwear vest product and also have a personal knowledge of how well it can help an individual (your son) in developing their abilities. So when you decide to make an order, you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth. Thank you for telling me about your personal experience with Hyperwear :).

  3. Wow, this is a cool post! Weighted vests are interesting and I bet they would make me sweat like a pig. Plus I think it may be good for the core. Well written and informative!

    1. Mr T. Sports

      Thanks David!!!

  4. I`ve seen some athletic people wearing these “vests” while they do their regular run. It is awesome for strenth exercises. I am wondering, do they come with different weights (lbs)? Or do you remove/add sands according to your preference?

    1. Mr T. Sports

      Hey Hanna,

      The vest comes pre-loaded with steel weights that can be added and removed from it. An individual steel weight is 2.25 ounces and you can buy an additional pack of weights from the Hyperwear website site if you wanted to work your body harder. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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