LeBron James to LA – Western Conference Journey Begins

LeBron James to LA – Western Conference Journey Begins

It has happened, it has finally happened!!! LeBron James has made his way to the Western Conference by joining with the Los Angeles “Showtime” Lakers. To tell the truth, I can’t say that I am surprised to see him making this decision. I kind of had a feeling that he was going to LA since before the start of the 2017/2018 season, ( One thing I’m sure most of NBA world could agree on was that he was not going to be re-signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers.) and LeBron has validated my prediction by signing with the Lakers. Since he has made his move I can tell you one thing, I will definitely be watching more Lakers games this season, compared to the amount I watched after Kobe Bryant retired ( I can tell you, it was not that many).


 ( LeBron James is now a Laker!!!  Source : twitter.com/Sporf )



What may have contributed to LeBron’s Decision

Many people (Including me) believe the main reason LeBron decided to leave the Cavaliers team was due to of their lack of star power ( Once kyrie was traded to Boston, the NBA Championship was Golden State’s to lose.), also the outcome of game 1 in the NBA Finals was no help in trying to convince LeBron to stay with the team ( Just as a side note J.R. Smith did not lose the game for the Cavs, the game went to overtime, so they still had a chance to steal a game from the Warriors at their home court). But you must always take into account that NBA players, no matter how great, all have lives they live after the basketball game is over. LeBron even explained after the last Finals game at a press conference, that he would listen to the opinions of the people closest to him before he makes the final decision as to where he and his family will be settling at for the next few years.


If you are wondering why I was so convinced LeBron was going to Los Angeles to play with the Lakers, there are a number of components I saw through the past couple years. The first was when I had heard through sports media that LeBron was spending a substantial amount of time in Los Angeles during the off-season. But what really pushed me to believe he was going to the Lakers was when he bought his second home ( or I should say Mansion) in LA, that and the fact LeBron is into acting in movies and commercials, so what better way to make finding an acting job more convenient than to go to the city which holds what is known to be the “Home of the U.S film industry ” which we know as Hollywood!!! And finally the obvious reason is because it is the “Lakers!!!”, a legendary team that has developed some of the greatest players of multiple eras and helped to create multiple opportunities for players off the court.


How does LeBron James Joining the Lakers Effect The NBA

When you take into account that a LeBron lead team has been representing the Eastern Conference in the Finals for the past 8 years ( So if your child is eight years old or younger, every Finals game they saw live has had LeBron in it!!!), you realize just how incredible it will be to finally see a LeBronless team representing the East. Also, people can stop debating whether LeBron was doing so well because he was in the East, because we will now be able to observe how well he performs in the Western Conference with our own eyes.


Players Who Joined After LeBron Signed

( Lance Stephenson (Left),  Rajon Rondo (Center),  Javale McGee (Right))

The biggest thing to happen for the Lakers franchise since their Championship in 2010 was the signing of LeBron James this off-season. But LeBron cannot take the Lakers far on his own because basketball is a team sport. So the Lakers are now in the process of signing players to contribute to the team’s success. So the signing of Rajon Rondo, Javale Mcgee, and Lance Stephenson is a pretty good start.


Rondo proved last season that he is still a high IQ seasoned point guard who shows up in big moments, and has a lot of experience and knowledge that he can give to the younger point guards (like Lonzo Ball). Javale Mcgee may have gotten made fun of for the mistakes he made on the court, but nobody can take away the value he had for the Warriors team the last 2 seasons, the people who know basketball can see that Mcgee performs at his best when he keeps around the painted area on the defensive and offensive side, so now the Lakers have an explosive rim player who can give them good minutes when he’s on the court. And last but not least, the myth, the legend, “Lance Stephenson!!!” :). One thing I know about Lance is that he’s not afraid of the big moment, and though he may make some mistakes, when he plays at a high level, he can be asset to the team.


I am also curious to see how well Lance and LeBron will play as teammates through season after all the intense moments between the two players ( Like the famous moment where Lance blew into LeBron’s ear trying to get into his head, and just to let you know, it did not work!). I’m sure it won’t be too big of a deal because they are professionals, but I am really interested in seeing how they grow together as teammates. The only component missing that would make the Lakers a legit super competitor, is the possible trade of Kawhi Leonard from the Spurs to the Lakers.


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Even if the Lakers are unable to acquire Kawhi Leonard, the addition of LeBron James is enough to make the Lakers “Must See TV” once again. LeBron’s Western Conference journey begins in the fall, and I am not hesitant in saying the Staples Center will be packed for the next 4 seasons.


If you would like, I have some questions I’d to ask you all, so I can get a better understanding of what you think of the Lakers this coming season.


1. If the Lakers are unable to acquire Kawhi Leonard, Do you think the Lakers will make it to the playoffs?

2. (If you think so) Where do you think the Lakers will place in the Western Conference?

3. (And) Do you think they have a Chance to win the Finals?


Thank you for taking the time out to read, and I hope you enjoy the NBA season to come!!! Until next time 🙂

4 thoughts on “LeBron James to LA – Western Conference Journey Begins

  1. Great site it looks clean and interesting article.I have been a long time Lakers fan,but they may need a little than LeBron to conquer the West conference .Toronto is happy as heck that he is out of the East conference though I can say that for sure as Raptors fan .Too bad they fired Dwayne Casey .Premature they really need a another star like Paul George or Kawhi on that squad along with Lowry and Darosen

    1. You’re right Nigel, LeBron will definitely need more to be a Contender in the Western Conference ( Even if the Lakers were able to get Kawhi, I think they will need more than one year of chemistry before they become formidable in the West). As of now I think the Boston Celtics will be accumulating the majority of the NBA Finals on the Eastern Conference.

  2. Let’s go Purple and Gold!!! Lol.

    Not a Lebron fan, but always have been a Laker fan. I believe they can make it to the playoffs this year, maybe in the 5th or 6th seed. I like Kawhi but it really is not worth it to give a lot of young assets on the team. We still don’t know how he will perform after the injury because we haven’t seen him play yet.

    Just surround Lebron with a lot of shooters and I’m sure Lakeshow will be back on top. Let’s go!

    1. Hey Nathan,

      I also believe the Lakers will be in the 5th or 6th seed in the west next season. I think if they aren’t able to acquire Kawhi, they will focus more on trying to put the right pieces around LeBron.

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