Monday Night Matchup – Titans vs Cowboys

Monday Night Matchup – Titans vs Cowboys

Both the Cowboys and Titans are in dire need of a win to have an opportunity to make it to the playoffs. And with this game having a sense of being a critical moment for the Dallas Cowboys organization, a loss in this game could mean a change in the Cowboys coaching staff (Offensive Coordinator, Head Coach).

The Cowboys players and fans may think they have an advantage, but they should definitely keep in mind that the Titans are 3rd in the league at preventing their opponents from scoring, and within the top 10 on the defensive end in the lowest total yards and passing yards given to their opponents. So even if the Titans offense is at the worst end of the ranking charts, all they have to do is keep the Cowboys score low and have the lead at the end of the game.

The winner of this game will be a determination of which team wanted it the most.


Pre-Game Prediction

The Cowboys are currently undefeated at their home stadium this season (3-0), but they had not went up against a top 3 point preventing team until this coming “Monday Night Matchup”. Two benefits the Cowboys have this Monday night is the addition of Amari Cooper and their high performing defense.

Since this will be the first game Amari Cooper will play with the Cowboys, though the Titans may be preparing defensive schemes for Cooper, they still are unaware of how the Cowboys will be using him, and if Zeke is able to move the line of scrimmage effectively, it will be hard for the Titans to stop their offense from scoring.

People who have watched the games the Cowboys have won, know the main reason they won them is because of their defense. The cowboys are #1 in preventing their opponents from scoring and within the top 5 in the lowest total yards and passing yards allowed, and the top 10 in the lowest rushing yards allowed. At this moment, the identity of the Dallas Cowboys is their defense.

But one factor that could help the Titans is that Marcus Mariota will have his full starting Offensive Line and the Cowboys will be without David Irving and Randy Gregory is questionable to play on Monday.

Since both of the teams offenses ( Mainly due to quarterback performance) are not so good at scoring, I’d be surprised to see either team score more than 20 points, but I’ll give the game to the Cowboys with a winning score of 17 – 13.


Post-Game Evaluation


I was surprised to see Markus Mariota’s ability to score on the Cowboys’ Defense when he needed to, but being in a region that doesn’t get many Titan games, I was unaware of the injury he had in his hand which caused a couple of his finger tips to be numb on his throwing hand ( The tips of your fingers are very important when trying to get a grip on the football).

What seemed to change the momentum of the game was the interception by Kevin Byard inside the end-zone which prevented a touchdown opportunity by the Cowboys within the red-zone that would have put the Cowboys up 14 – 0 and ended with the Titans scoring to bring the game to an even 7 – 7.

Both defenses played well throughout the game, but the difference in offensive production was miles apart ( Titans’ offense came into the Cowboys stadium with a mindset to win) . The Titans’ offense outshined the Cowboys both on player and coaching side.


Check out the Highlights

If you missed out on the game, you can check out the highlights right here!!!




The Cowboys’ offense ( or I should say more the Head coach and quarter back) continues to be the cause for their low performance.

So I’ll ask you all a question, who do you think should be the first to leave the Cowboys’ organization? Depending on who you picked, explain why you believe the one you pick should leave first?

I’ll be looking forward to you comments!!!




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