Monday Night Matchup – Vikings vs Seahawks

Monday Night Matchup – Vikings vs Seahawks

The Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks meet at CenturyLink Field (The Seattle Seahawks Stadium) for a possible season defining game for both teams. This game looks to be more important for the Vikings, not only because the Seahawks have a better record, but also if they were to win out on the next three games and Chicago were to lose one of the few, and the Vikings were able to beat the Chicago bears in their rivalry game on the last week of the regular season they would win their division and a guaranteed spot in the playoffs.

But this will not be an easy game for the Vikings to win since the Seahawks have had a history of playing very well at home, and Russell Wilson final has a consistent running game to help him on the offensive side of the ball this season (He no long has to lead his team in rushing yards!!!). The Vikings team will have to have a great all-around performance to pull off the upset in Seattle, Washington.

Pre-Game Prediction

I’m sure those of you who have spent years watching NFL games know that the Seahawks “12th Man” (The Seahawks fans) will bring great energy to the stadium, which 9 times out of 10 brings an explosive performance from the Seahawks players.

But I think the Vikings will bring their “A” game on both offense and defense, shocking the Seahawks in the early quarters, due to the Vikings’ opportunity to still come out on top in their division. Kirk Cousins will test how well the Seahawks’ secondary is able to contain his 2 lethal wide receivers in Adan Thielen and Stephan Diggs.

It will take a little time for Wilson’s team to contain Minnesota, but in the 2nd half, they will have success containing their offense and when Seattle obtains the ball, they will also dominate time of possession as their 2 leading running backs will be off of the active for this game. This will open up Wilson’s ability to throw it deep down the field effectively.

I see the game score being close, but ending with the home team (Seahawks) pulling off a comeback win 27 – 24!!! As always, you can leave a comment on how you feel the game will go, or which team you feel is going to be the winner. Enjoy the game, If you decide to watch it!

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