NBA 2018 Free Agency – 2019 Season Looks Exciting

The 2018 Free Agency has made the NBA off-season pretty exciting, from LeBron James deciding to take his talents to the Los Angeles Lakers, to Deandre Jordan finally coming to an agreement with the Dallas Mavericks ( If you didn’t know, a few years ago, Deandre had verbally agreed to sign with the Mavericks, than later decided to re-sign with the Los Angeles Clippers), that is only a few of the big signings that occurred this off-season. So now feels like a good time to talk about the notable signings that came to pass in the summer of 2018.


NBA Notable Signings of 2018

1. LeBron James

I’m sure everyone can agree on LeBron being the biggest free agent signing of the NBA offseason. The fact that he moved to the Los Angeles Lakers was also a big deal ( though many people believed he was going to the Lakers after the 2018 season), making it the second time LeBron has moved from the Cleveland Cavaliers to another team. This move was not just a move to one of the top NBA teams of all time, but also a way for LeBron make his way into the movie industry ( so I would not be surprised if we start to see him appearing in more movies in the coming season).


2. Deandre Jordan

The signing of Deandre Jordan to the Mavericks was kind of surprising to me, after the verbal agreement Deandre made with the Mavericks organization in 2015, which he later left out on to re-sign with the Los Angeles Clippers. But it is good to see their are no hard feelings between the two, as they are receiving a star big man. Deandre has proven to be a dominant Center who has proven to be able to make it through an entire NBA season ( his 10th season was the first and only incident where he had to sit out games due to a physical injury), so the Mavs should be in a better shape than they were in the previous season.


3. Paul George

It was a moment of satisfaction hearing Paul George tell the Oklahoma City crowd he was staying in OKC, closing the mouths of all the media spokespeople who were saying Paul was going to leave the team because of Russel Westbook’s playing style ( goes to show they don’t always know what they are talking about), maybe they should wait until George and Westbrook have more years of chemistry before they make their opinion on the matter. I am looking forward to seeing how well they mesh together in the seasons to come.


4 Demarcus Cousins

People have a right to their own opinion, but those who feel that Demarcus Cousins will not help the Warriors team, or think he will be a bad influence on the team, they are sadly mistaken. I guess they failed to realize, one of the big problems the Warriors team had last year in the playoffs were their inability to get rebounds, and now with Cousins, they have a player who averages more than 10 rebounds for his career ( plus the only position the Warriors didn’t have an all-star talent within their championship wins was in the center position). Now with Cousins joining the Warriors team, the window of opportunity for another team to win the Finals have shrunken even further.


5. Tony Parker

When I heard the news that Tony Parker was taking his remaining talents to the Charlotte Hornets, I can’t deny I was a little stunned to know that Parker, after 17 years, will no longer be a part of the San Antonio Spurs. I’m guessing he will be used as a valuable role player to lead the Hornets while Kemba is getting rest on the bench (Which I’m sure he’ll be able to do, so long as he is able to stay healthy). I’m sure throughout the 2019 season It will be hard to get use to seeing Tony Parker playing in a Hornets jersey on, but hopefully this addition will be enough to help Charlotte make their way back into the playoffs.


6.Trevor Ariza

Trevor Ariza joining the Phoenix Suns gives the team a veteran three-point threat who is able to give them double-digit points for a season, with length giving him the ability to rebound proficiently and well overall defensive skills. Ariza should be a great contributor to Devon Booker and the Phoenix Suns team and a component to help push the Suns to becoming playoff contenders. I have a feeling the Houston Rockets will miss the value Ariza was able to give to their team next season.


7. Chris Paul

After what Chris Paul was able to do playing with the Houston Rockets in the playoffs against the Golden State Warriors ( helping the Rockets lead 3-2 over the Warriors in a seven game series, before suffering an injury), its not surprising to see the Rockets sign him to a 4-year deal. And now with a year of successful chemistry with the Rockets team, they will be able to build an even stronger connection with one another, so long as they continue work together. This coming season will be a true test for the Rockets to see if they are a super team that is able to last for years to come.


Notable Free Agent Salaries

You didn’t think I would leave you without giving you the expenses of the signing deals. Enjoy ;).

1. LeBron James – 4 years, $154 million deal

2. Deandre Jordan – 1 year, $24.1 million deal

3. Paul George – 4 years, $137 million deal

4. Demarcus Cousins – 1 year, $5.3 million deal

5. Tony Parker – 2 years, $10 million deal

6. Trevor Ariza – 1 year, $15 million deal

7. Chris Paul – 4 years, $160 million deal


Honorable Mentions

Devon Booker – 5 year, $158 million extension with Phoenix Suns

Dwight Howard – 1 year deal with Washington Wizards

Zach LaVine – Pending 4 year, $78 million deal with Chicago Bulls

Rajon Rondo – 1 year, $9 million deal with LA Lakers

Lance Stephenson – 1 year, $4.5 million deal with LA Lakers


At this point in time their are still productive free agents out their waiting to be signed, but as of now, these are the most influential signings that have occurred, preparing fans for the NBA season to come later this year. I’d like to hear what you guys have thought about the NBA free agency so far, by giving me your “Top 3” free agent signings over the offseason.

2 thoughts on “NBA 2018 Free Agency – 2019 Season Looks Exciting

  1. I would like to see the NBA make some changes to free agency and add an NFL style salary cap to keep the NBA from being a one or two horse race every year !
    Great article !

    1. I understand your frustration, it can be dry for those who don’t like one team dominating the league, but for the people who’s team is the dominator, they are having a party!!!

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