NFL Thursday Night Showdown – Dolphins vs Texans

NFL Thursday Night Showdown – Dolphins vs Texans

The Dolphins and Texans face off Thursday night to see who will be adding a point to their winning record. Former Houston Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler will attempt to lead his Dolphins team against an explosively stacked Texans defense that has only given up 30 points to one team this season, but the Texans’ offense has not seemed to have fully clicked yet ( But I personally feel the Texans are due for a high scoring game at some point this season, whether they do tonight is totally up to them).

After the way Osweiler and the Texans relationship went sour, Osweiler has the opportunity to prove to the Texans that he is better than they thought he is.


Pre-Game Prediction

Seeing that this is a home game for the Texans, I expect their team to have a lot of energy from the start of the game (especially their defense). The Texans will put a load of pressure on their former quarter back, which will cause him to make quicker decisions with the ball (and expecting him to make the wrong decisions).

I also feel the performance of the Texans’ defense will affect how well their offense will play when they receive the ball ( If the defense is able to get the Dolphins offense off the field quickly, then their offense will feed off of the defense’s performance and score points).

Though the Texans’ defense may start off strong, I’m pretty sure Osweiler will get a couple touchdowns because of the talent he has on the receiving end, but the Texans’ will take control again in the latter part of the game, holding the Dolphins to less than 30 points, and the Texans should pull off the win at home 21 – 27. (Again this is only a prediction!!!)

Feel free to leave some feedback on how you expect this game to go so I can read an reply back to you.

Post-Game Evaluation

The Texans were finally able to show how well their offense can score when Deshaun Watson is healthy and the offense is clicking. The Houston defense have been consistent this season, ranking in the top 10 for teams that prevent their opponents from scoring, and accumulating rushing and total yards in a game (Houston’s defense was also successful in preventing yet another team from scoring 30+ points within the game).

The Dolphins were unable to effectively push the Texans’ Defense down the field enough to put pressure on the Houston offense to score. Instead Watson had one of his exceptional rookie season performances, scoring 5 passing touchdowns. While Osweiler’s inaccuracy proven to be a huge detriment to Miami offensively.

The Texans pulled off the blowout, defeating the Dolphins 42 -23


Something New?

Instead of giving you a detailed description of what I observed throughout this Thursday night game, the highlights can give express them better visually than I can, so without further ado I present to you the Thursday night highlights (Enjoy!!!).







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