NFL Thursday Showdown – Patriots vs Colts

NFL Thursday Showdown – Patriots vs Colts

Four weeks of the NFL season have gone by ( a little too quickly if you ask me) and the fifth week starts off with an exciting match-up between Tom Brady’s Patriots and Andrew Luck’s Colts. The teams will be facing off against each other Thursday October 4th at 8:20 pm est.

Both quarterbacks have proven to have the ability to generate points on the offensive side of the ball quickly, but with a shorter time to prepare for their incoming match-up, either team could struggle to score offensively during the beginning of the game, but I expect the two teams to start scoring by the second half as they both need this game either to bring their team to a winning record (Patriots), or to prevent their team from having 4 losses in the starting 5 weeks of the NFL (Colts).



The Pre-Game Prediction

What I am expecting in this Thursday night game is the New England Patriots to score high based off the return of Julian Edelman on the receiving end of the football, along with Josh Gordon and Rob Gronkowski ( if cleared to play).

It is hard to imagine Tom Brady not having at least 3 passing TDs with all the weapons he now has at the receiver position, so in order for the Colts to have a chance at winning the game, Andrew Luck will have to throw some risky passes, putting pressure on the Patriot Defensive secondary, and this will be a challenge for Luck because of the loss of his best receiver TY Hilton to injury, but I won’t count out Luck being able to keep the game interesting score wise.

The one and only factor I feel could lead to the colts winning the is based on how well the Patriots’ defense will be against the Colts offense this Thursday night. But if the Patriots’ defense is able execute their strategy well, then my score prediction will be 38 – 20 Patriots.


Feel free to leave a comment on how you feel the match between the Colts and Patriots will go. Hope you all enjoy the game!!!


Post-Game Evaluation



Wow!!! I’m kind of excited that my predictions were so close to the final score of the official match-up this Thursday. Tom Brady and his offense seems to be clicking again on the receiving end, with the return of Julian Edelman and debut of Josh Gordon.

It was already known going into the game that the Colts were short on key players, along with a short time to prepare for this week’s game, put Andrew Luck’s team at a disadvantage, and losing a couple more players to injury within the game, lessened the chances of the Colts defeating the Patriots.


Offensive Evaluation



The Patriots started off the game with an incredible first drive with Tom Brady leading his team down the field for a touchdown. Tom Brady continued leading his team down the field the majority of his drives in the first half and Sony Michel ( the patriots Running Back) for the second consecutive game put pressure on the opposing team’s rushing defense by rushing for 98 effective yards and a touchdown.

By the end of the first half, the Patriots lead the game with 24 points.

In the second half, the Patriots were still effective, but the colt’s defense pumped up their secondary coverage making it a little harder for the receivers to catch. A couple costly drops by the Patriots receivers turned into interceptions, the latter interception resulted in a touchdown, but Brady’s offense was able to retaliate with a deep touchdown pass to his new deep threat Josh Gordon.

Overall the Patriots offense performed a well executed game.



Indianapolis did not seem to be in the game at all in the first half ( some of the blame belongs to passes dropped by receivers.)

But the team seem to step their game up in the second half.


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