Prime Day is Over – But Deals Still Exist!!!

Prime Day is Over – But Deals Still Exist!!!

If you are reading this post, then you have realized that the Prime Day session is over. But there is no need to feel discouraged, because Amazon still has offers you can take advantage of. Prime members have access to thousands of movies and shows that can be streamed right from your television, computer, or mobile device.

Many of the items you are able to buy at Amazon give prime members the option of Two-Day shipping for free ( You get your item(s) delivered in the time Amazon advised you, or you can call or email Amazon about the situation to get an extra month of “Amazon Prime” for free. Just as a side note, many people are unaware of this policy, so feel free to let your friends and family know), so your items are delivered to you quicker. Please understand Two-Day shipping does not mean you will get your item in 2 days, it means you should get your item within 2-days of the time of it going through the shipping process. There are many perks that come with Amazon Prime that can be taken advantage of once you have become a member, and if you want to know more about the benefits that come with prime, I advise you to continue reading.


Prime Benefits

Tons of Free Shows and Movies at Your Disposal

Being a prime member, you have access to a wide variety of movies and shows that you can watch on your devices anywhere there is an internet connection. So when you find nothing good on TV (or don’t want to spend a bundle of cash on cable or satellite coverage), you can choose for yourself the movie or show to watch on demand.


Prime Pantry Available in select regions

With Prime Pantry (if available in your region) you have the ability to shop for your groceries from the computer and they will be sent to your designated area. Prime Pantry also provide their customers with coupons on selected items, which can be applied when you add the item to the cart. So if you don’t have the time to get to a supermarket, just sit down on your chair, turn on your computer, and order the products you need on Prime Pantry. (Again, some regions may not be accessible by Amazon Pantry at this point in time.)


Over 2 million ad-free songs to listen in Prime Music

Prime music gives prime members access to over 2 million ad-free songs that can be listened to at any time. Browse through the collection and listen to preconstructed playlists on your favorite devices that are compatible with their music application.



College Students can get Prime at a lower price

When you are a college student, when the school year starts, it’s hard to find time to go out to the store when they have to spend most of their time focusing on their school work ( of course the work-load may vary, depending on the number of classes you take), so the ability to purchase items online is a real convenience, and with prime a student may be able to get certain items for a discount. The best part is that college students get a 6-month trial before they have to put money down.



No Prime Necessary for These Deals

If you are a Prime member or not, Amazon has deals that are for both prime and non-prime users alike.

Deals to browse through

Gold Box

The Gold Box is a collection of deals handpicked by editors that are to be the leading discounts going on for the time being.


College Textbook Deals

Hello again students!!! Instead of buying your textbooks at a high price, maybe you should try finding some deals on Amazon first. You might be able to find a used book at a lower price than new, or find one you can rent for an even lower price. One thing you can be sure of, it doesn’t hurt to check!



Other Collection of Deals

If you want to know the deals for a certain category, then click one of the links below to be direct to the desired are on Amazon and explore them for yourself.


Sporting Goods Deals


Electronics Deals


PC Related Deals


Outlet Deals


Gift Cards For The Ones You Love

If you have trouble finding a gift to get a loved one, and you know they frequent Amazon, maybe you should give them a gift that lets them buy some items from Amazon without have to take money out of their own pocket and the best part is that your loved one will be able to buy exactly want they want.


10 thoughts on “Prime Day is Over – But Deals Still Exist!!!

  1. This is super informative. We have prime and my wife loves it. I personally didn’t realize all the perks with prime. I think I’ll be taking advantaged of that ad free music.
    Thanks for this!!

    1. No problem Walter, glad this post was able to help you. πŸ™‚

  2. I think you have a good website and you will do good. I wish you much success.

  3. This has helped me learn more about how I could be benefited from having a Prime account. I don’t have one myself, now, but I might upgrade soon.

  4. Crystal Lim

    I once got a free year of prime membership but I did not continue it. I didn’t even know these deals included in the prime membership! And, what? The prime pantry? Isn’t it fantastic? How should I check if it is available in my region?

    1. Well from what I can find, if you are signed into your account and your account has the destination you desire your items to be delivered, there should be a notification that tells you if pantry is available in your region. I hope this was helpful Crystal.

  5. Bo

    This was a great read, thank you for all of this information.

    My wife and I recently got rid of cable and replaced it with streaming services, like Amazon Prime. So far the experience has been great. I would recommend it, plus it is WAY cheaper.

    1. I know a fair amount of people who have done the same, they likewise enjoy the freedom from paying high bills from network providers, and don’t really see a big difference in enjoyment (definitely nowadays, since internet TV is becoming more relevant) from the times when they had cable or satellite.

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