Ready for the NFL!!! – Eagles vs Falcons

The NFL season begins today, and what better way to start the season than to have 2 teams whose matchup last year in the playoffs came to the final minute, with Julio Jones missing the highly thrown pass by Matt Ryan on 4th down with under 2 minutes left in the game.

Just think about if in last years playoff game Julio Jones caught the ball and the Falcons’ defense were able to hold off the Eagles’ offense, the Eagles would not be the reigning Super Bowl champions. So I expect the first game of the season between the Eagles and Falcons to be a pretty intense one.

The Pregame Prediction

So before the game kicks off, I’d like to give you an idea of where I stand on who I expect to be victorious in the first game of the season.

Since this is a new season ( which means 9 times out of 10 teams have a slight or drastically different roster, that could include players, coaching staff, and in some rare occasions owners!!! So it’s hard to make an accurate prediction when you’re unsure of how the new pieces of a team will perform within their new organization.) There’s no telling how well the teams will play in the first few games.

With the way Nick Foles has been playing in the preseason ( which was poorly), I l’d give the advantage to Atlanta to win Game 1.

My Score prediction is 28 – 20 Atlanta Falcons ( let us see how close I got when the game ends 🙂 )

Post-game Evaluation

The first game of the season has come to an end, and it is kind of crazy that the outcome was similar to the match between the two in the playoffs last year ( totally different from what I expected).

I expected both the Eagles and Falcons to perform better on the offensive side of the ball, but it seemed they both struggled to outwork their opposing team’s defense.

Offensive Struggles


I feel it’s safe to say that Doug Peterson ( Eagles coach) was not happy at the way the Eagles’ offense started the game, since it took them until the 2nd quarter to start accumulating positive yardage.

There was only one drive where Foles looked to be in control of the situation, and that was when they successfully executed the “Philly Philly” play.

But what seemed to save the Eagles offense was the running game, which was being lead by Jay Ajayi. The couple touchdowns made by the Eagles offensively were by Ajayi rushing into the end zone.


The Falcons have no problem driving the ball to the red zone ( the red zone is a term in football explaining the area ranging from the 20 yard line and the goal line), but just like last season, their problem is failing to score touchdowns while in the red zone.

I don’t know why the Falcons don’t try passing the ball to Julio Jones more in the red zone, the very fact that Julio Jones only had 3 TD’s last season is one reason why the Atlanta team is having trouble scoring touchdowns.

I also expected the Falcons to throw passes to Calvin Ridley, but sadly I don’t even remember seeing him in the game.


Surely most of the struggling the two teams are having is because of both rookie players having nerves and experience plays getting back into the swing of things. So I don’t think anyone should base these two team’s seasons on their Game 1 performance

And Eagles have nothing to hang their heads about anyway because they won the game, so all they have to do is prepare for their next opponent.

If you have time, I would really appreciate hearing from you guys as to how you felt about the first game of the NFL season.

6 thoughts on “Ready for the NFL!!! – Eagles vs Falcons

  1. I hope Atlanta wins! But then I hoped the Cowboys would win, and they really didn’t do very well at all. It is super hard to know yet, who is going to be the front runners. Of course except the standard teams that just seem invincible at the moment.

    1. You are right, we’ll have to let time pass to see who will be the teams to beat as the season progresses.

  2. Although I found your article interesting, I no longer have basic cable. I don’t miss it much. But this weekend I almost broke and signed up for the NFL Network. Both of my favorite teams were playing a game. NY Giants and Indianapolis Colts. Love my boys in blue!!!!
    My oldest said I could stream it online, but later I then forgot to check em out. LOL Oh well.

    1. Lol, yeah there are streaming sites where you are able to watch NFL games live, but be careful because a lot of those streaming sites have many pop-ups that generate when you click around the site. I hope you find a good streaming site, so you are able to enjoy the games you want to see this season. 🙂

  3. You got an exciting article here! I love how you provided a pre-game prediction and post-game analysis. I agree that is it too early to judge any of the teams! Thanks for this entertaining one!

    1. Thank you Kris, I hope you will come back to enjoy the predictions to come.

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