Television Revolutionized Sports Fans’ Perspective!!!

Television Revolutionized Sports Fans’ Perspective!!!

Have you ever wondered how different your reaction would have been to a miraculous sports play if you were to have only heard it on the radio? Like Ray Allen’s 3-point shot at the corner of the key which tied the score in Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs, pushing the game to overtime and led to the Miami Heat winning the game and ultimately becoming the NBA Champions, or Malcolm Butler of the Patriots interception of the ball from the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson with 25 seconds left in the 4th quarter to win Superbowl 49. And last but not least the incredible “helmet catch” by David Tyree of the New York Giants on 3rd down to keep possession of the ball and led to the team scoring to win the game against the New England Patriots, becoming the only team of that season to defeat the Patriots and Superbowl 42 Champions. There are many more miraculous plays a sports fan can speak of that they were grateful to have seen with their own eyes thanks to a television set and there sure will be more of them to speak of in the future.

The value of Television

Television gives an individual nearly all the aspects of being at the game without many of the disadvantages. For example there’s always a possibility you may sit through some bad weather that may result in you becoming sick, but that would only matter if you are at an arena that is not fully enclosed. Some may find it less appealing to go to a sports arena where there is known to be aggressive fans. Also, you don’t have to worry about how far away your seat is from the playing field. Lastly there is no worrying about trying to find a parking space outside the arena or being caught up in major traffic while trying to leave the arena. When an individual has access to a TV, they can have a good view of a sporting event without having to leave their home.

Television vs Radio

I am not in any way trying to tell you not to go to a sporting event because there are still advantages to going to an arena, but one of the problems with an arena is that there is only a set number of people that are able to be in it. Arenas were of greater importance when television was non-existent, do to the fact of there being no other way to see the game unless it happened to be filmed, then you would have to know the person or group that filmed it to have possible access to that game. Or you could have listened to the game’s play-by-play commentary on the radio, if you were within a location that had access to your team’s radio signal. A downside to enjoying the game on a radio would be the details you would miss that the commentator failed to inform you of or didn’t see all together. A radio puts an individual in the state of having to trust everything the sports commentator is telling them. But if you went to an Arena you would be able to see the whole sporting event play out with your own eyes, preventing any type of misleading information given by a sports commentator if you happened to be listening to the sporting event on the radio.

HD… 4k… 5k… How Much Further Can They Go?!

Remember when High Definition flat screen TVs were all the rage and the bulky 90’s television sets began to going out style, popular shows of those times being used as marketing tools to push the new product, companies making commercials months before major sporting events urging their viewers to get a HD television so they can see the big games in the clearest way possible other than being at the game. Well it seems technology does not feel that HD was enough. Nowadays you hear about 4k smart TVs as the standard for the best visual experience.

Planning on going to the movie theater? Well theaters now give you the option of watching the movie of you choice on their 4k projectors, but of course you will have to pay a higher price for this experience. And the TV industry continues to push their technology further by increasing the definition of a television set. As of now the highest possible ultra-high definition television resolution is 8k, otherwise known as 4320p. That is miles ahead of the standard 1080p which looks clear enough to me and based off the money people pay for 8k TVs, the experience better be so good that you can feel the wind of the athletes as they pass by your television screen.

The End of Television?!

Now that television networks are becoming more accessible through internet connection, there’s more people that watch their favorite shows on their phones or tablets making a television set less of a necessity. Then you have sites like Amazon and Hulu which gives their users access to a variety of shows that can be purchased or streamed through a device with a subscription. This alternative way of watching the latest TV shows gives you a way out of paying the overpriced monthly fees major cable and satilite companies try to put on you. With greedy network providers trying to squeeze as much money out of their customer’s pockets, no wonder people decided to leave satellite and cable companies alone and try their hand at an internet television service. Though the thought of TVs going out of style in the next 10 years is farfetch, one may wonder how relevant they will be in the next 30 years do to everything becoming more computerized and internet based, will TVs be able to adapt with the times or will it become an antique item.


Television is one of the key devices that has greatly improved the experience for sport fans all around the world. People in nations thousands of miles away from the United States now have the ability to see a NBA game, so long as they have a television set or access to a friend’s. Now with the continual advancement of smartphones, tablets, software, and internet connection speed, sport fans are rapidly gaining access to live games, game replays, historic game highlights/full games, stats, interviews, and much more; giving the people of today far more opportunities to view a sporting event than any time prior.





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