Thursday Night Showdown – Eagles vs Giants

Thursday Night Showdown – Eagles vs Giants

The NFL week starts off with a NFC East division rivalry between the Philidelphia Eagles and the New York Giants. Every divisional game is important as they can be the deciding factor on which team makes it to the payoffs ( If by the end of the regular season their are multiple teams that have the same Win-Loss record, which ever team has the most divisional wins will go on to play in the Playoffs.).

Through the past 5 weeks, the NFC East is the only division where none of the teams have a winning record, so the number 1 spot is up for grabs. And even with the drama going on in the Giants’ locker room after the Giants number 1 wide receiver (Odell Beckham Jr) expressed his discomforts with the way his team has been performing this season, but if their team can put all the drama aside, pull together, and execute a high-performance gameplan, they may be able to pull out a win against the Eagles and turn their season around.

But the Eagles are also fighting to keep their playoff chances alive, so this will not be an easy game for either team.


The Pre-Game Prediction

If there was anytime where the Giants could get a win over the reigning Super Bowl Champions, now would be the perfect time, as the Eagles are limited on the running back position (Jay Ajayi, Corey Clement and Darren Sproles are out due to injury), and with Carson Wentz still trying to get back to 100 percent, the opportunity to win in-front of their fans and ignite a flame of excitement within the city and organization (As long as the Giants players are able to set aside the drama that occurred less than a week ago) would be a great change in the Giants’ momentum.

The Giants have enough talent on the team to compete for the top spot in the NFC division, but their offense has been inconsistent in their ability to score touchdowns.

And with Wentz’s unnatural ability to keep a play alive and make a big play, the Giants’s defense will have a lot of work to do against the Eagles if they want a point to their winning record.

I feel it will be a close game with Giants winning the rivalry match  24 – 21.

Post-Game Evaluation


Well it seems the Giants were unable to set aside there differences within the locker room to pull off a possible victory, and ended up receiving an old-fashioned beat down from the Eagles. Neither the Giants’ defense or offense seemed to have their head in the game, except for their first round Draft pick Saquon Barkley (Running Back) who had about a hundred yards in both Rushing and Passing.

While the Eagles’ team was ready from the start of the game. Wentz and his receivers were both on the write page with each other and tho their rushing personnel was limited, the remaining rushers were effective in moving the team down the field.

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