Thursday Night Throwdown – Saints vs Cowboys

Thursday Night Throwdown – Saints vs Cowboys

The Showdown between the Saint and Cowboys can easily be a one sided match up favoring the Saints. But that could all change, if the Dallas Cowboys’ defense can pull off the biggest defensive performance of this season. The Cowboy have been consistently great on the defensive end of the ball, but the problem is the Saints have been great on the offensive end and good on the defensive end of the ball.

The one thing the Cowboys do have is the home field for this game, so maybe the Cowboys team can feed off of the energy of the home crowd and turn this game into a match closer than the majority would expect.


Pre-Game Prediction


Let me just start by saying, the Saints have not lost since week 1 of the 2018 season, Drew Brees has an arsenal of talent and has utilized it in every way and is the top candidate for the NFL League MVP, he also has an impressive defense that is #1 in the league at defending their opponents in rushing yardage ( And if they are successful in this game, it will be pretty bad for the Cowboys, because Ezekiel Elliot has been the only consistent offensive component the Cowboys have had!!!).

Dak still has not proven to be a quarterback with the necessary abilities to take his team to the next level, but with the addition of Amari Cooper the Cowboys team continues to build a strong and complete overall roster (Sadly, they lack in the most important position.).

Since Dallas is playing at home, I have a feeling they will start off high on the energy of the crowd, especially on the defensive end, but Drew Brees and his offense is too stacked to be shutout in the 1st half (The combination of Drew Brees accuracy, and Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingrams’ power running ability will wear down Dallas’ defense).

The Saint’s will pull away from the Cowboys in the 2nd half as they continue to overpower the Cowboys on both ends of the field (As they have done to the majority of the teams prior). I’m guessing the Saints will win the match 35 – 20 and improve to 11-1 for the season.

As always you can leave a comment so I can know how you feel the game is going to go or who you want to win this Thursday night. Enjoy the game!!!

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