Thursday Night Throwdown – Steelers vs Panthers

Thursday Night Throwdown – Steelers vs Panthers

The battle between two #1 seeds within their division begins this Thursday. Both teams are coming into the game with a winning streak, so one of them will be leaving with that streak being broken. Also, both teams have a well structure offense that is able to score effectively.

This will be a hard game for Cam Newton to pull out as they are going up against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. And with the offensive trio of Big Ben, Antonio Brown and the rookie Phenom James Conner continuing to gain stronger chemistry though the season, it will be hard for the Carolina defense to stop them from moving the line.

This will be an exciting game for all NFL fans to watch!!!


Pre-Game Prediction


Based on both teams performances through the weeks of their winning steaks, I have a feeling that both teams are going to put a lot of effort into winning this game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will probably get off to a fast scoring start. Their offense is doing too well with their rookie running back James Conner who is 2nd in the league in total rushing yards, along with Antonio Brown’s 9 reception TD’s this season. And their defense will play with high energy throughout the first half of the game, but I think the energy will die down due to fatigue in the 2nd half.

But I am sure Cam will get a feel for the Steelers defense by the second half and will make a strong attempt to gain a comeback win in the Steelers stadium. Carolina also has an exceptional running back in Christian McCaffrey and their team is second in the league in rushing yards. And Cam has been accurate and safe with the football (which means he hasn’t thrown many interceptions this season.), so if he can prevent throwing interceptions he’ll have a good chance to win at the end of the game.

Ultimately, I think the Steelers will pull through with a 35 – 31 score, beating the Carolina Panthers.

Let me know how you feel the game will go or who you want to win the game by leaving a comment. I’ll reply if you leave one. Enjoy the Game!!!


Post-Game Evaluation


Well the Steelers were out for blood this home game!!! If you watched it, then you saw how the Steelers played high on both the Offensive and Defensive side of the field. The game seemed to be over by the end of the first half.

The Panthers started off well with Cam Newton leading his team down the field for a touchdown, But on the first play of the next drive by the Steelers, Ben throws a deep pass to an open JuJu Smith-Schuster for a touchdown, then about 5 game seconds later the Steelers defense puts pressure on Cam, which caused him to throw an interception-touchdown (a.k.a. a “Pick 6”). The Steelers seemed to have their minds set on giving their all for the fans this night.


As you can tell by the score of 52 – 21 that the game and environment (home-field advantage) favored Steelers side over the Panthers





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