Top 10 NBA Jersey Sales – 2017/2018 Regular Season

Top 10 NBA Jersey Sales – 2017/2018 Regular Season


Since the NBA regular season has come to an end, It felt like a good time to check out which player’s jerseys were at the top of jersey sales. Of course, you are probably aware of some stars who continue to stay on the top of the charts, if you keep up with the NBA season, but you may be surprised by where they are positioned. Just as a good gesture I’ll give you a hint as to who are the Top 10 players whose jerseys are selling the most this year. Here it comes, 9 of the players who are in the top 10 in jerseys sold have their teams in the playoffs. So now my question for you is, Do you know the name of the one player who is not in the playoffs? and if you do, where do you think his position is within the top 10? The Ranks are based on jersey sales (Clicking an image will direct you to an area where you can purchase the item).

10. Ben Simmons

Mens                                                                     Womens

                         Men's Nike Ben Simmons Blue Philadelphia 76ers Swingman Jersey - Icon Edition

Though Simmons was out for the whole season due to a foot injury after being the 1st overall pick of the 2016 draft. He has proven to be worth the pick this past 2017 regular season in his official rookie year, averaging about 16 point, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists. From the talk of the mainstream media Ben Simmons is expected to be rookie of the year, and his impact on the sixers team makes it hard to disagree.

9. James Harden

Mens                                                                     Womens

                         Women's Nike James Harden Red Houston Rockets Swingman Jersey - Icon Edition

James “The Beard” Harden has been one of the top offensive players in the NBA for the past few years and the main reason why the Houston Rockets continue to stay in playoff contention. Harden Also has been a MVP nominee 3 times within the last 4 years and is considered by most to be the MVP of the 2017/2018 season with another exceptional season averaging more than 30 point, 8 rebounds and 5 assists. Though he is ranked at the lower end of the top 10, I’ll predict that if (or when) he becomes the MVP of the league, his rank will be higher by next years ranking.

8. Joel Embid

Mens                                                                     Womens

                         Women's Nike Joel Embiid Royal Philadelphia 76ers Swingman Jersey - Icon Edition

Joel Embid AKA “Mr. Trust the Process” has been everything the Sixers have needed him to be whenever he put his feet on the court but the question many people had was, “Can Embid stay healthy throughout a season?”. Well Embid’s second season seemed to be a good improvement, in the prior season Embid was only able to play in 31 games, but this year he played in 63 games in the regular season with far fewer problems with his body. And has contributed alongside Ben Simmons and many veterans to bring the 76ers to their first playoff berth within the top 3 seeds of the Eastern Conference since the 2000-2001 season led by the NBA legend “Allen Iverson”.

7. Kristaps Porzingis

Mens                                                                     Womens

                                                      Women's Nike Kristaps Porzingis Blue New York Knicks Swingman Jersey - Icon Edition

Crazy to think just a few years ago Kristaps “Latvian Unicorn” Porzingis was being booed by the knicks fan base, but once he started showing his skills on the court, the booing being heard quickly changed to praises. Now he is a top young player who has basketball abilities rarely seen in 7 foot big men. Though he only played 48 games, it seemed to have no effect on his popularity within the NBA fan base.

6. Russell Westbrook

Mens                                                                     Womens

                                                   Women's Nike Russell Westbrook Blue Oklahoma City Thunder Swingman Jersey - Icon Edition

Russell Westbrook aka “Mr. Triple-Double” has done it again! The “MVP of the 2016/2017 season” has averaged a Triple-Double for the second consecutive time. The productive and energy Westbrook brings to every game is unmatched by any player actively playing in this current NBA era. He is a unique player who refuses to back down against anyone who opposes him on the court.

5. Kyrie Irving

Mens                                                                     Womens

Men's Nike Kyrie Irving Black Boston Celtics Swingman Jersey - Statement Edition                             Women's Fanatics Branded Kyrie Irving White Boston Celtics Fast Break Player Jersey - Association Edition

Uncle Drew has by far the best handles in the game, and with a combination of his incredible finishing ability makes him one of the deadliest offensive players of this era and by the end his career probably of all-time. The media finally understands just how important his presence was on the Cleavland Cavaliers who went from a team guaranteed to make the Finals to a team struggling to make it through the first round of the playoffs. While Kyrie and his young team finished strong, even with the injury of their star player Gordon Hayward at the beginning of the Season. Kyrie may now be injured, but the team continues to try to make it as far as they can through the playoffs.

4. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Mens                                                                     Womens

                           Women's Nike Giannis Antetokounmpo Green Milwaukee Bucks Swingman Jersey - Icon Edition

The “Greek Freak” has been nothing but freakish as he continues to get better and better every season that passes by, averaging around 27 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists. The scary part about this is that he’s not even in his prime yet (He’s only 23 years old!!!) which means he has room to grow! If he can continue to improve on his ability to make jump shots we may be looking at the next face of the NBA!!!

3. Kevin Durant

Mens                                                                     Womens

                       Women's Nike Kevin Durant Blue Golden State Warriors Swingman Jersey - Icon Edition

Kevin “KD” Durant with his multiple scoring titles, MVP award, second youngest to 20,000 points, and contribution to the Golden State Warriors NBA Finals Championship and Finals MVP has solidified him as one of the deadliest and unstoppable scorers of all-time. His great length and unnatural shooting accuracy makes his shot nearly impossible to defend which makes him a scary person to defend in isolation. Not only has he been great offensively, but with the Warrior he has become a defensive machine and is thought to be a worthy candidate for “Defensive Player of The Year”.

2. Lebron James

Mens                                                                     Womens

                         Women's Nike LeBron James Wine Cleveland Cavaliers Swingman Jersey - Icon Edition

Bron-Bron has been one of the most relevant NBA players in the league for over a decade and continues to be a dominant player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron has set in stone his spot as one of the greats to play the game of basketball, being a 4 time league MVP, 3-time NBA Finals championships, 3-time NBA Finals MVP, 3-time All-Star MVP, scoring over 30,000 points and many other accolades he accumulated throughout his career. He also continues to be a high performer as he averaged around 28 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists, making him a guaranteed candidate for MVP this season.

1. Stephen Curry

Mens                                                                     Womens

                          Women's Nike Stephen Curry Blue Golden State Warriors Swingman Jersey - Icon Edition

Stephen “Chef” Curry’s ability to shoot the 3-pointer has revolutionized the way the game of basketball is being played in modern time. When you watch many of the young rising stars no matter the position (point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, center), you’ll see they are developing or have already developed a 3-point shot, understanding the importance of the 3-pointer in the current time. Curry is not just the deadliest 3-point shooter to ever play the game, he also has masterful handles, elite passing, accurate shooting and a continual urge to increase his game. These qualities are what aided in him becoming a 2-time NBA Finals Champion, 2-time MVP and the only player to become a unanimous MVP.


Curry and Lebron continue to secure the top 2 spots of the top 10 rankings, but the rest of the spots look to be fair game for remainder of the NBA roster. Just in case you were wondering, Kristaps Porzingis is the one player in the top 10 jersey rankings whose team didn’t advance to the NBA playoffs. This ends the rankings for the top 10 jersey sales of the 2017/2018 regular season, thanks for stop by. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Top 10 NBA Jersey Sales – 2017/2018 Regular Season

  1. Kerry

    Basketball fan I take it? Played it at school many moons ago, but it wasn’t really my thing, it was compulsory 🙂 Love the simplistic layout of your site with easy navigation. I take it you play basketball? or are stuck in front of the television on a weekend jumping up and down supporting your favourite team, can just picture it. Funny enough being a female I am so into my Formula 1 racing, so something we have in common … sports 🙂

    1. Mr T. Sports

      Hey Kerry,

      I love playing all types of sports, but my favorite sport is American Football. Though Basketball was more of the family sport, so it was around me more often. I also love to watch sports too (NFL, NBA, MLB, Boxing, MMA) whenever I can. So you can probably guess that I’ll be watching the NBA Playoffs tonight, mainly the Cavaliers vs Pacers game at 8:00 pm to see if the Pacers can extend the series to a Game 7.

  2. Love your post. It provides good reading and understanding of the top 10 players in the NBA. It is also good to know their nicknames. I assume you give them that? I am no basketball fan so I won’t pretend to know some of the stuff you are talking about it. You did a great job providing some insights about each individual players.

    Keep it up.

    1. Mr T. Sports

      Thank you Jack,

      It’s alright if you are not a NBA fan, as long as you were able to learn something about these players that you didn’t know about them before you read it. Also most of the nicknames i used for the players are ones that are popularly known, yet a few of them are names I made up that are relevant to how they have impacted the league.

  3. Might have to get myself a Kyrie jersey, go Cs!!! Still killin it in the playoffs even without him. I’m surprised simmons already in the top 10 tho!

    1. Mr T. Sports

      Yeah Will you are right, the Celtics team is on a roll without two of their star players, and nobody can take that away from them. After the way the Celtics had taken down the 76ers on Philly’s court in game 3 just a few hours ago, both the players and coach Stevens deserve the majority of the credit for how they have held themselves the whole season.

  4. Brandon

    As a big NBA fan, it feels like it’s Christmas already. Wow, such amazing jerseys here. My favorite hands down has to be Lebron James so I’ll be getting this shirt asap! One question though: Is there any other place besides Amazon to purchase one or is this the “go to” option? Cheers for the help.

    1. Mr T. Sports

      Yeah Brandon there’s another option. You can go through my “” image link, then once you are on there site just type “Lebron James” into the search bar and they’ll show all of the different types of jerseys they have for Lebron. Hope you find what your looking for.

      Here is a link below :-).

      Gear up for the 2018 NBA Playoffs in Fan Gear from Fanatics

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