What is FanChest?

What is FanChest?

Hello everyone, I wanted to take some time out to give you information on a website that is new to me.

The name of the site is FanChest.

FanChest is a website where you can buy sporting goods of the most popular teams in national sports. But instead of buying the items separately, they are packaged in a specialized containers know as the “FanChest”. If you were to choose to order one of the many fan-chests you would be informed of 1-2 items, and the rest would be a surprise, but don’t worry they guarantee the merchandise received has a higher value than the price being paid. The atmosphere of the FanChest site is inviting and interactive with a promise to provide premium officially licensed products and if you are not satisfied they are willing to offer a full refund.

If you are ready to check out the site without finishing the rest of my review, I have left a link at the bottom of this paragragh. But feel free to continue reading, the link is not going to anywhere.



My view on FanChest


Those of you reading may have questions you want answered before deciding to make a purchase like, “Does FanChest have my team available?” or “How long does it take for a fanchest to arrive?” Fortunately the site provides a FAQ page and within their you can find information answering shipping questions and any other questions you may have. I personally feel that anyone who is a sports fan or have family and/or friends that are sports fans will have an interest in this site. One of the things I find to be unique about the site is the option to buy fan-chests for babies and the whole package consists of items that are useful for a baby. Something I noticed when I was checking through the site was that not every professional US National team was included in the website, most of the teams that have available fan-chests are within NFL, NHL, and a collection of college teams, but FanChest has an “I Don’t See My Team” option where you can leave an email, place you favorite teams for multiple US professional leagues, and they’ll let you know if your team becomes available on FanChest. The site also has trivia and quizzes you can take to see how much of a fan you really are. Are you willing to take the challenge? I’d recommend anybody to check the site out, but whether you decide to buy anything is totally up to you.

New Super Bowl Champion FanChest


Calling all Eagles fans!!! Calling all Eagles fans!!! FanChest now has Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl 52 Champion inventory that can be sent right to your door within their fan-chests. At this time Eagles Super Bowl 52 fan-chests can be pre-ordered and FanChest has informed that shipping of the fan-chests will begin on February 21, 2018. I do not know how many they have left but at this time FanChest is still taking pre-orders, so now is the time get your teams merchandise. As a reminder the link for the FanChest website is right above the “My view on FanChest” header. Congragulations to your Philadelphia Eagles for winning their first Super Bowl!!!

P.S. If you are reading this after February 21st the pre-ordering process is over. Now you can order a fan-chest and it should be delivered to you within the time you are informed.  Happy Shopping!!! 🙂


  • Attractive premium sports items that would be worth getting for any sports fan or sports memerabilia collector.
  • Most of the questions I had were answered on the FanChest FAQ page.
  • FanChest continues to add more teams to their website and will give an email to the people who asked for the newly added team.
  • Has an interactive trivia page for fans to take quizzes.
  • Has a live support tab to help if you have any questions.


  • Not all US National Teams merchandise are available to be stacked into a fan-chest yet.
  • Some popular fan-chests may be out of stock.


The only way you will know if you like the site is to go and check it out for yourself. Personally I feel FanChest would be a perfect gift for any person who is a fan of professional sports. The fact that you will only know 1 or 2 of the items in the fan-chest should be exciting for anybody, brining back the child like excitement of opening a present. Thank you for taking time out to listening to my input on the website FanChest. Just so you don’t have scroll back up, I have left another link to FanChest below.

Have a great day!!!








2 thoughts on “What is FanChest?

  1. Elan

    The post is very enlightening to me as I have never heard of fanchest. I really like how even though I am a newbie, I understood the material in the post. If I can offer one suggestion, it would be to take out the sentence “First I want to let it be known that I have not purchased any products from FanChest, so i don’t have an idea of how long it may take for a fan-chest to arrive at a provided address”. This doesn’t help the reader as the reader is counting on that you used FanChest and can vouch as an authority for this service. I really liked the disclosure part about not every sports team is listed because that gives the readers a heads up on what to expect and what not to expect curbing potential disappointment.

    1. Mr T. Sports

      Hey Elan,

      I’m glad you have taken time out to read my post and also appreciate your compliments and constructive criticism. I’ve changed the sentence you have suggested and am grateful you were willing to let me know about it, while also giving me an explanation as to why you felt the question should be removed. Feel free to give me suggestions for any of my posts in the future. Thank you!

      T. Sports

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