What is Fanatics? – Let Me Tell You!

What is Fanatics? – Let Me Tell You!

Once again I have browsed through a website that I feel any sport lover or collector would have a great time exploring. The name of the site is Fanatics and this site is stacked with a large variety of sporting goods from US National teams and International teams. What is my first impression of Fanatics you ask? Well let’s just say you can spend hours and even days looking at the wide range of merchandise they have in stock. From current stars of this era to the hall of famers of prior generations. So if you’re looking to find some old Jordan autographed merchandise or maybe even an old-fashioned Chicago Bulls jersey you can get it at fanatics.
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Truthfully I wonder what sport merchandise you can’t find at Fanatics. If you’re looking for some unique items that may be hard to find anywhere else you can probably find it at Fanatics, but you will be paying a good amount for it. Feel free to check out the Fanatics website right now, link is below.

Gear up for the Golden Knights Historic 2018 Playoff Run at Fanatics

Fanatics.com is built by Sports Fanatics

When you look at the description of this site, you will notice that the people who built it are sports fanatics themselves. And when you realize the people who made the site have their own personal memories and love for how professional sports have impacted their lives, you’ll also realize they are trying to give their customers a similar type of impact. Which is why they created Fan Friday, where signed-up reward members of Fanatics have a chance to win exclusive prizes and giveaways on a random Friday of each month. Some examples of prizes Fanatics have given away to their reward members are, dining and having a question-and-answer session with Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs at the Knickerbocker Stadium in Chicago Illinois, and the winner of another fan Friday had a chance to meet up with Peyton Manning, have dinner and a question-and-answer session in Denver Colorado and the man who won called this Opportunity a “Bucket List Moment”, which he was also able to experience with his son. These are a few prizes Fanatics has given away that has made an impact on a family’s life and if you would choose to sign up maybe you will have an experience that’ll have an impact in your life too.


How to become a member!!!

Just in case you are not as tech savvy as many frequent internet users, I’m going to give you the information needed so you can sign-up easily. First I will give you directions on how to sign-up to Fanatics using a desktop or laptop computer. When you go to the fanatics.com website, look up to the top right and you should see the “My Account” button. Click the “My Account” button to be directed to the “Log in” page, then look under the “Log In” header inside the square where it says, “Not a Member Yet?” click on the underlined words to the right of this phrase which says, “Create Account” and it will direct you to the “Register” page where you will fill in the required information, click the “Create an Account” button and “Ta-Da!!!” You’re on your way to becoming a Fanatics Reward Member and the best part is there is no membership fees!

Now the process of signing-up for Fanatics through mobile phone is slightly different, so I’m going to give you the instructions needed to get through it with ease. First when you go to the website, look to the top right and you should see a symbol that is shaped like a person, click on that symbol and you’ll be directed to the log page. From there you will repeat the same steps that were given for signing-up through a desktop computer. Hopefully this was helpful to anyone who was having trouble signing up, but if you already know how to sign up to Fanatics and you decided to read through the procedures anyway, thank you for being Awesome!!!


The Perks of Being a Fanatics Reward Member

Now if you choose to make an account for fanatics.com, (which is a good idea if you plan on making purchases) you are given the option of joining the Fanatics Reward Members Club. Let me reiterate the fact of this being a good idea mainly because becoming a reward member is completely free. No strings attached, free!!! No monthly or annual fees, just free!!! But that is just the beginning of what you will receive as a reward member. Fanatics reward members receive 3% of what is known as fan cash on every eligible purchase of merchandise. And you may be asking yourself, “What exactly is FanCash?” Well if you had been a little more patient, you would have realized I’m about to tell you right now!!! 🙂 FanCash is merchandise credit that is automatically applied as a discount on your next purchase, but make sure if you’re planning on using your FanCash discount that you have signed in to your Fanatics account. Fanatics reward members also get early access to sales and collectibles, exclusive memberships offers along with the possibility of winning a Fan Friday prize.

Sales Galore!!!

Over the 2-week span I have been checking out fanatics.com, I have realized that there were sales going on for specific areas of their merchandise the entire time. And I’m not talking about a couple items, it’s more like thousands of items that you can easily explore through by clicking on the “SALE” tab located on their website. Fanatics has also made it easier for you to explore their sale merchandise by categorizing items in a format based on their relation to a specific National Sports Organization (e.g. NBA, NFL, NHL, etc.). After choosing a sport organization to browse through, you can also select specific areas you would like to search within this category (e.g. Teams, Top Players, Price Range, etc.). Fanatics also provides a free shipping code for items over the price of $30 occasionally, as well as special offers that only last for a set time-period.

What else can I say?!

There is really nothing more to say except, “Fanatics really cares about people and the experience they have on their site!!!” They offer fans the largest collection of official sporting merchandise I have ever seen, while also giving offers to customers and special offers to reward members (Remember, to join is Free!!!) that makes the experience worthwhile and if you have any problem with the product you received don’t worry Fanatics has a 365-day return policy. The rest I leave you to explore, so you can see for yourself what Fanatics has to offer.


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8 thoughts on “What is Fanatics? – Let Me Tell You!

  1. Alex & Ann

    Fanatics is a great place to purchase sports stuff, I have purchased from them many times. I didn’t realize they had a reward program.

    Where can I sign up for that online or do you have to do in their store?

    I wish I would have know that before I just purchased all my Amazing Philadelphia Eagles SuperBowl Championship Gear. Finally Go EAGLES !!


    1. Mr T. Sports

      Hey Alex,

      Yes, you can join Fanatics reward membership right from their website. All you have to do is be signed-in to your Fanatics account, click on the rewards tab on the top right corner of their site, then under the “Fanatics Rewards” illustration you should see the “Join Now” button, click it and you should become a rewards member!!! Sorry to hear you didn’t know about the rewards membership, but from now on you will be earning your points. 

      And yes it was good to finally see the Eagles win their first Super Bowl. Not only did the team put on a great performance, but the game altogether was one to remember. 

      Have a great day!!!

      T. Sports

  2. Lawrence

    Mr T Sports
    Enjoyed your site and this post.
    Like someone else said I had no idea Fanatics had a reward program.
    Such a basic and simple thing really. I mean reward your customers and they will stay loyal. I believe this is all part of the 80/20 concept and is a proven strategy.
    Sport plays a big part in my life and like you I think the best advice and gear comes from those who play or played the game. Unfortunately I am now at the age that for the very active sports I am an armchair participant – but golf still plays a major role.
    Fanatics rock!

    1. Mr T. Sports

      Hello Lawrence,

      I appreciate you taking the time out to check out the site, read and comment on my Fanatics post. Fanatics really is a site that values their members. I’m sure you put in your time playing the highly active sports, and it’s good to hear you continue to keep yourself active with golf. 

      Fanatics is great!!!

      T. Sports

  3. I like the site, and like Lawrence said, Fanatics is a really good site, I’m just a bit worried about the url of yours, because it’s with siterubix, and I don’t know if it get ranked fast.. but I have to say, your site really looks great! Keep up the good work! 😉

    1. Mr T. Sports

      Hey Emmanuel,

      I appreciate you letting me know about the url, but don’t worry, I plan on getting a domain sooner than later. Also thanks for the complimenting on the appearance of my site, and you were correct when you said, “Fanatics is a GOOD site!!! :)”.

  4. Oh, I am loving this site. I am going to go to it and become a member. I live in Florida, but I am from Texas. So, yes I am a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan. I would love to get some team gear, etc. This is great! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Mr T. Sports

      Thank you for finding the information I have given worth the read. Fanatics definitely has a variety of Dallas Cowboys gears and accessories, so you should have fun browsing through them. The NFL will really miss one of the strongest, biggest, and most consistent Tight Ends to play the game of football in Jason Witten.

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