Yonanas Review – Healthy Frozen Dessert Maker

Yonanas Review – Healthy Frozen Dessert Maker

Hello Guys and Gals!!! I discovered an interesting (In a good way) product over the holiday season that is easy and fun to use, and makes delicious and healthy soft served treats for you, your friends, and family.

The name of the product is “Yonanas” and the best part of this item is that the ice cream it makes come straight from the fruit that you grow or buy from the store ( You don’t have to worry about how the ice cream was made because you make the ice cream through the Yonanas machine ). So if you are a Vegan, Lactose intolerant, or you just want to have a healthier dessert alternative to indulge in throughout your daily life, Yonanas would be a perfect item for you!!!

The process is quick and easy

You may be thinking that the Yonanas machine takes a significant amount of time to serve up a delicious and sweet cold treat, but it doesn’t take long at all ( The longest part of the process would be freezing the fruits, but that’s only if you are not using frozen fruits bought at a store ).

Steps to Making Yonanas

Once you have frozen some over-ripe bananas ( The reason you want over-ripe bananas is that when the banana skin has a brown spotted appearance, that is when the bananas are at their sweetest before the inside begins to become brown and mushy ), when you are ready for a soft-serve treat, take the bananas out the freezer to thaw out before putting into the Yonanas machine. ( Note: The image below is a perfect example of how the bananas should look before putting them in the freezer. )


The thawing process given on the Yonanas instructions manual tells their consumer to let the frozen bananas thaw from between 7-12 minutes. But in one of their video tutorials, the Yonanas company also informs that the thawing process may vary depending on the freezer within your home ( From my own experience, I had to wait an extra 3-4 minutes for the bananas to be the perfect Yonanas texture for the machine to process ).

So make sure to keep an eye on your bananas as they thaw, feel them, and if they are in the area of being not too solid and not too mushy, then your bananas are ready to be put through the Yonanas machine. Just to let you know, you can follow a similar thawing process for other frozen fruits you use with your bananas ( If you want to use more than bananas!!! ).

Once you have all the fruits you want thawed to a perfect texture, you can proceed to put them through the processing tube at the top of the yonanas machine ( When using bananas, they instruct you to start with putting in 1 to 2 halves of a banana, then the next fruits or toppings you want to add to your dessert, afterwards repeat until you have the amount you want ). When you’re finished, you are free to enjoy your delicious treat.

Just in Case…

If you still have questions on how to properly work the Yonanas machine, feel free to check out the video tutorial provided below.


Personal Evaluation

As a user of the product, It would make sense for me to give you a view of how I feel about the Yonanas dessert maker, So hopefully this can give you a better idea of what to expect if you buy a one.

My Thoughts…


When I first saw a video review of the Yonanas machine, like any other person I had my reservations ( I’m sure you have seen product review videos where an individual over-dramatize how good a product is, and of course the main thing I care about is how good the ice cream being made tastes!!! ), so I decided to buy the Yonanas ice cream maker with the mindset of making my own determination of how well the soft served treat tastes.

So when the family and I finally tried it out, the first thing that popped out to me after putting the frozen fruit through the machine was that it looked and had a texture like ice cream ( check off that box!!! ). Now when it comes to taste, make sure you are not expecting it to taste like the ice cream you would buy from the store, because there is no added sugar ( unless you add some in yourself, you can do that if you want! )

The best way to explain the Yonanas dessert taste is like a nice refreshing smoothie in the form of soft serve ice cream. All the ways I’ve eaten Yonanas have included bananas and another added fruit, but in one case I made a batch for one of my nieces with just frozen bananas and she liked that a lot more than with other fruits added in, so there are tons of combinations you can make and that is one of the things that excites me the most about this product.

Another bonus is that you can put topping like chocolate chips and Oreo cookies through the Yonanas machine to make even more delicious desserts ( I have not yet tried the Yonanas “Cookies N Cream” recipe yet, but it will be the first one I will try that includes more than just fruit! ).

I honestly do not have anything negative to say about the edition of Yonanas I have ( I have the Elite edition, which is said to be more powerful and makes less noise than the original ). For the time I have had Yonanas, it has performed in the way I have expected.

The Choice is yours


Classic Edition                                                           Elite Edition



Hopefully the information provided within this post was helpful in supplying you with knowledge on the Yonanas soft serve dessert maker, but now it is time for you to make the decision on whether this product is the right one for you!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions and I will try to answer it the best I can, If you choose to acquire a Yonanas machine, enjoy exploring the many ways you can make ice cream with vast varieties of fruit across the globe!!!

8 thoughts on “Yonanas Review – Healthy Frozen Dessert Maker

  1. Now I’m craving a tasty fruity frozen treat! This is the second time I have been recommended this machine. Someone is trying to tell me something! Haha. Have you ever tried mixing in any protein power type things? I know that probably wouldn’t taste so good sprinkled on top. So I was just wondering if you can mush it in between the fruits. Just an idea!

    1. Hey Ashton! No, I haven’t tried mixing in protein, but that actually sounds like a good idea!!! I’d say the best way to incorporate the protein mix within the dessert would be after putting the frozen fruit through the processor, pour the powder on the ice cream, then stir it in as much as you please, and the result is yours to enjoy.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this product! I didn’t even know Yonanas existed!

    This seems to be a great ice cream making machine that really doesn’t require much work. You just need some bananas and any fruit you may like. I really like that about this as I am a health-nut and I very much enjoy healthy foods–especially fruits!

    This will definitely great for the summer (or any season actually!)

    Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Your welcome Mark, I can’t wait to try it out in the summer time!!! It’ll be good to enjoy a healthy frozen treat instead of “processed sugar-filled” Popsicles.

  3. This is really cool. I remember as a kid my grandfather would make homemade ice cream at holidays. It was so fun for us to watch and take part in. This looks pretty simple to operate so now that I am the grandfather, I could let the grandkids help us make our own dessert around holiday time.

    Any idea on how the cleanup and storage is when you’re not using it? It would be fun to leave it out and make our own dessert every night, but that’s not going to happen.

    1. That would be awesome, keeping the holiday tradition alive, but in a different way. The clean up is not much of a hassle at all, basically the parts that detach from the machine is what you have to clean and you can either hand-wash them or put them in a dishwasher, and it shouldn’t be hard to find a place to store it either.
      (Here’s a tutorial on how to clean the Yonanas machine just so you have an better idea hope this is helpful!!!)

  4. Todd P Matthews

    This would be by far the perfect item for me this summer. I’ve been eating Halo Top ice cream once a week but man, is it costly. Besides, I’d much rather have fruit than some of the stuff they squeeze into Halo Top. The fact that this is pure frozen fruit converted into ice cream for me means it can be a daily dessert, which is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. How much fruit should I place in Yonanas to get a decent serving size? Also, what kind of fruits should I use with this product?

    1. Honestly, I would say that the best way to determine a decent size for you would be to put it through the Yonanas machine for yourself because the serving that comes out depends on the size and quantity of the fruit you put in. As for the fruit you can put in, from what I know now, if the fruit is able to be frozen (also before freezing, cut the fruit into sizes easy to put through the process tube) then you can make a frozen treat with it.

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